“The conventional approach to a career move will limit your career satisfaction while minimizing your income. If you’re seeking a better future, we’ll introduce you to a system that will radically change the game. The right strategy and support can transform your career.”

Russell Johnson

How much of your potential are you sacrificing by playing by the market’s supposed ‘rules’? This recent client message (edited for brevity) confirms the potential of the Empowered Careers approach:

“I found Russell Johnson online while looking to find ways to improve my chances at a job search. To begin with I struggled finding opportunities in the job market because I had little of the conventional job experience that recruiters in particular were looking for. I would spend days searching through LinkedIn and Seek for opportunities and get few replies.

Russell .. became the person who held me accountable and got me working on my career as a separate task.

... After a few Skype chats, I got a full time contract working remotely at a salary nearly twice my previous one, without having to commute. It also helped that I was able to write my own job description, map out the deliverables, and even outsource areas of the job.

Throughout this process Russell has been a sounding board, with a coaching framework in the background to listen and steer me in the right direction. I found I got results faster while working with him, than even the steps he laid out suggested.

Now I use Russell like a compass to check once a month to see if I am on the right path.

I now see myself much more in charge, with opportunities coming to me instead of chasing them, and dictating terms instead of having to accept what is presented. I have full freedom to work when I want, where I want, with people who share my values and I make more money, spending less time making it while enjoying life more.”

Bjarne Viken