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Are Empowered Career's services right for me?
How can a program with Empowered Careers help me?
What kinds of client do you work with?
What do you mean by self-actualization?
I don’t think I’m self-actualizing now. How can I tell if I’m your kind of client?
Do you assist with changing careers?
Are you experienced in my field?
I am based overseas. Can you help me?
Do you place your clients in jobs?
How does your fee structure work?
How long will it take?
How much work will be required?
Can you help me increase my earnings?
Can you help me expand my network?
I’m not necessarily looking for an external move. Can you help me advance within my organization?
What is your success rate?
Will my involvement with Empowered Careers be kept confidential?
Do you work with organizations, individuals, or both?
What can I expect as a client?
How can I find out more?

?Are Empowered Careers’ services right for me?

Our services are not for everyone. We are here to serve those who are committed to self-actualization. The kind of person who won’t just ‘knuckle under’ and adjust to an unchallenging or meaningless job, or a limitation on their potential to grow.
At Empowered Careers, we approach client selection as we want our clients to approach it, as a search for a spirit of partnership. We want to add the greatest possible value to the kind of person who is focused on making a difference, not just a living.
This sort of person is usually a leader. But this doesn’t necessarily mean the leader of a team or of an organization. A thought leader can change the world without having a single direct report. Although our clients are usually executives, senior professionals and/or self-employed, your motivation is more important to us than your level of seniority.
If the above resonates with you, then it’s very likely our services are indeed right for you. We invite you to request our Special Report, or an obligation-free Consultation, or both.

?How can a program with Empowered Careers help me?

This depends on your objectives and the specific challenges you face. A career move of any kind can be a major inflection point in your life, determining not just your immediate satisfaction but expanding or limiting your future options. It’s important to make every move a strategic one that will enhance your positioning for the future you want.
Every one of us stands too close to our own situations. Our focus is primarily on helping our clients maximize the quality of their outcomes. And we can usually help them to dramatically shorten the transition period as well.

?What kinds of client do you work with?

Most of our clients are executives and professionals, however a good many are self-employed. Ages range widely, from the mid to late twenties to the very late stages – and the range has been widening over the years.
Some clients are wrestling with issues of direction, while others know exactly what they want to do in their next role. The common denominator is that our clients are high achievers who have recognised a need for high quality assistance in navigating and/or accelerating their journey of self-actualization.

?What do you mean by self-actualization?

Self-actualization is the final level of psychological development, achievable only when physical and mental needs are essentially fulfilled. It’s the state of full realization of an individual’s potential and is highly correlated with spontaneity and peak experiences such as joy. Abraham Maslow, the psychologist most associated with the term, believed that less than one person in a hundred fully achieves self-actualization. As Wikipedia notes, “expressing one's creativity, quest for spiritual enlightenment, pursuit of knowledge, and the desire to give to society are examples of self-actualization”.

?I don’t think I’m self-actualizing now. How can I tell if I’m your kind of client?

You undoubtedly know many people who see their work as a necessary evil – a burden to be borne between weekends. If you feel you’re one of them and are happy to remain so, we would probably not be right for each other. We’ll leave it at ‘probably’ since many people have slipped into that level because they believe it would be too painful to face the feelings of having given up on themselves that would accompany any serious introspection. If you’re in this group and are ready for a fundamental shift and to resume the adventure of becoming who you are capable of becoming, then we’d love to get acquainted.
And if you are genuinely motivated to further develop yourself and make a difference in and through your work, then you’re on the path of self-actualization; the only question is how far along the path. Just remember it gets more rewarding with every advance.

?Do you assist with changing careers?

Certainly. Empowered Careers exists to help high achievers self-actualize through their careers, and for many of our clients a career change becomes necessary as they develop greater awareness of their path to self-actualization. At this point a career change can become one of the most challenging developmental tasks of a lifetime, and the most rewarding.

?Are you experienced in my field?

Because of the nature of our work and our clientele, we are experienced across all sectors – public, private and not for profit/NGO. We work with high achieving people across all professions and executive functions, and with the self-employed. And we have worked with clients from virtually every industry in existence. It’s important, too, to note that in regard to our work the differences between industries and professions are of far less importance than the similarity of the processes needed to achieve the outcomes our clients seek.

?I am based overseas. Can you help me?

While it’s always good to have some face to face contact, we have worked with clients around the world. There are no real geographical constraints as long as you have access to good telecommunications facilities.

?Do you place your clients in jobs?

No, this is not our function. Employers would rightly be sceptical of a career management firm that was seeking to do this, and of the candidate they were being invited to interview. They would not want to pay us a fee since they would see us as biased toward the individual rather than scouring the market to find them the candidate they wanted. And they would perceive the candidate as lacking the confidence and/or skills to represent themselves. We are a long way from the day when individuals in the employment market will have agents representing them as top level athletes and entertainers do.
There are legions of recruiters and executive search consultants seeking to meet the needs of employers. Our best contribution to your future is not to join them but to help you use them as resources and even more importantly, to help you minimize or even eliminate the need to go through them.

?How does your fee structure work?

We work with our clients on a project basis. Our fees vary widely depending on our clients’ objectives and the challenges they face.
If you would like to establish a fee for your personal situation, we invite you to request an obligation-free consultation.
Some of our clients contact us at a time when they are experiencing significant financial pressure. If this is the case for you, then even though you may fully agree with Warren Buffett’s frequently-stated point that we are all our own best investment, it may be necessary to take a staged approach to achieving your goals. If this is the case for you and you are seriously committed to your future, then please feel free to discuss your situation with us. We will help if we can. If we believe this is not the right time for us to work together, on the other hand, we will be frank about this. We are interested in your long term future.

?How long will it take?

The time required will depend on your objectives and the obstacles you face in achieving them. As with any project, the right Preparation is usually essential to ensure satisfactory results and this typically requires a number of weeks. The next stage, Implementation, varies widely but usually can better be measured in months rather than weeks.

?How much work will be required?

If you are currently in a full time role, we would suggest thinking of this process as you would a part-time study course; a few hours per week is generally necessary and sufficient to create and sustain momentum. If you are not currently employed, then we would normally recommend making your transition your full time role.

?Can you help me increase my earnings?

This is an important objective for many of our clients, and the great majority significantly increase their earnings through our work together, with some achieving quite massive increases. When you market yourself well and to the right people, your value is likely to be perceived much more fully.

?Can you help me expand my network?

Yes, but keep in mind that a large number of contacts is worth little by itself. You have to be clear about the value you are seeking to add, and you have to find a way to serve the interests of others. Making networking work requires being clear about how you can and will contribute, and developing networking skills. Only then will increasing your number of contacts be of much value to you. We will help you with all three of these.

?I’m not necessarily looking for an external move. Can you help me advance within my organization?

Yes; as long as you have a history of accomplishment we can help you move within or outside your current organization. While the strategy required is slightly different, the skills are essentially the same. Many of our clients want to and do make internal moves.

?What is your success rate?

Our clients have widely varying objectives and sometimes change them as they become more aware of their options. In some cases our work is on a long term basis. In others, the focus is short term, assisting clients in developing or getting back onto a pathway that will enable them to progress in the future. Sometimes this will even require a ‘backward step’ initially.
We often hear from a client, and sometimes it’s years after we have worked together, that we have helped them take a journey that has transformed their careers. Many are earning incomes far in excess of their earlier goals, and almost all are deeply satisfied with their careers.
We seek to work with clients where there is a good match, and this has helped us to maintain a high level of success.
While for all of the above reasons the question cannot be answered precisely, we believe it would be reasonable to claim an overall success rate of well over 90%.

?Will my involvement with Empowered Careers be kept confidential?

Yes. We will never release information externally except with your agreement. While we facilitate skills development and networking between our clients and alumni, your participation in these activities is entirely up to you. We have never experienced a problem with confidentiality as a result of these activities.

?Do you work with organizations, individuals, or both?

It’s financially very attractive for a business in the career management field to pursue organizational work, however our experience is that this results in a lessened focus on the interests of the individual. And we have found that organizations are not as interested as our individual clients in the level of empowerment that we espouse and help our clients to claim. Because of these factors we do not seek organizational work. However if your position is being eliminated, many organizations will allow their people to redirect outplacement funds from the providers they normally use to their provider of choice. We would be happy to suggest ways of approaching this if it’s relevant for you.

?What can I expect as a client?

You can expect a committed relationship with a high calibre professional who is non-judgmental, empathetic and supportive but who will not shrink from challenging anything you are doing or failing to do if it appears relevant to your achievement of your goals. Our self-actualization and therefore our satisfaction in our work is gained through helping other high calibre people self-actualize through their careers.

?How can I find out more?

We invite you to contact us for a confidential initial discussion, on 03 9607 8588 or by completing the form at Request Confidential Discussion.