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Empowered Careers Claim Your Potential

Seeking to advance your career through an executive search firm?

By Russell Johnson

RJphotoThere’s generally little point in initiating contact with true executive search consultants or ‘headhunters’. Their role is to attract hard-to-get candidates for specific senior roles so you’ll probably receive a polite brush-off.
You’ll get far better results through a little-understood strategy involving a combination of push and pull marketing.
Its potential is remarkable. It can open the door to major advancement and even changes of direction that would otherwise be unachievable.

Can anyone use this?

Not anyone, certainly. It requires three things:

  1. The motivation to learn and to grow
  2. A clear understanding of the technique
  3. The skill to effectively use it. It’s learnable with a modest effort.

You will need to be noticed. But not as just another hopeful self-promoter. That’s the path to a boring, low paying job.
You’ll need to learn how to be found, by the right people, and to be seen as a rare find.

A Revolutionary Method for Achieving Your Career Goals

The Empowered Careers methodology has enabled thousands of executives and professionals to achieve their career goals, and can transform your future. We’ll provide the support you need to:

  1. Open up attractive options you would never otherwise become aware of

  3. Understand why the typical approach to ‘selling yourself’ is counterproductive

  5. Implement a powerful marketing approach that creates awareness of, and demand for, the value you can add

  7. Achieve your outcome faster, and

  9. Gain a role that will genuinely excite you!

And once you’re in your new role, we’ll even help you to ‘Wow’ your employer in the crucial first 100 days and beyond so your career growth can continue.
Our methodology is practical and deeply strategic. Its development began with my own ‘outside the square’ path to senior executive positions internationally after an unusually early start to working life. Other contributing factors have included:


Want to Learn More?

Empowered Careers is a boutique business by design, because our services are not for everyone; they’re designed for highly motivated executives and professionals. If you’re ready to claim your potential, a client relationship with us can be a transformational experience.
Are you ready to take bold action to create the future you want? Then I invite you to learn more. Use the form below to get in touch and we’ll contact you.

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