About Empowered Careers

About Empowered Careers

Empowered Careers is Australia’s leading specialist career management practice for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. Twenty-five years after creating this specialist field in Australia, and with the experience of helping thousands of clients achieve their career goals, we operate at the leading edge globally in our field.
A career project with us can be life-changing. Your career deserves nothing less.

About the Founder

Russell Johnson is Australia’s foremost career consultant, coach and mentor to executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. After a senior executive career, he established Australia’s first career management firm for executives and professionals in 1992.
For further details see https://www.linkedin.com/in/russellsjohnson/

A future With Empowered Careers

Can you see yourself in a mentoring and coaching role that:

Then you may be attracted to a future as an Empowered Careers consultant.
Our services have been refined over twenty-five years, since our founder established Australia’s first career management service specifically for executives and professionals.
Our methodology is sophisticated and powerfully based on principles of self-actualization and marketing of intangibles that are understood by few, in or out of our field. From the initial conference between a Principal Consultant and the prospective client, through the subsequent project, our team supports the client in achieving the agreed outcomes.
The results in practice are remarkable and importantly, verifiable. Clients prepared to think and act strategically gain lasting transformation of their careers and even of their lives. Such people are exciting to work with as clients; and they go on to their greatest achievements, energized by the understanding and skills they have gained.

Key Attributes

While our consultants work at levels corresponding with client needs, all our Consultants are inducted into the radically empowering methodology that distinguishes Empowered Careers and underpins the remarkable outcomes our clients achieve through our support.
Our Principal Consultants hold additional responsibility. They meet with all prospective clients, manage the initial assessment process and work personally with clients at senior levels. Accordingly, this role requires a record of commercially-based success in services/ intangibles, e.g. as an executive or as a senior recruitment or executive search consultant.
For a role as an Empowered Careers Consultant to be the right fit for you, you will have reached a point in life where you are attracted to a role focused on ‘servant leadership’. You will also possess these key attributes:

  1. Strong desire to help others advance their careers to their full potential

  3. An understanding of, and preferably experience in, the broadly recognized principles and practices of the career management field

  5. Evidence of leadership in your own career

  7. Ability to actively listen, receive guidance and welcome paradigm shifts

  9. Deep commitment to your own personal and professional learning journey

  11. Highly developed verbal and written communication skills

  13. Willingness and skill to directly confront issues that may prevent our clients from considering and embracing new insights

  15. Ability to relate effectively and in a warm and engaging manner with individuals at levels up to the most senior

Over the next two years, we will be expanding across Australia and New Zealand. If you feel you would like to be involved in this work and that you possess the attributes outlined above, we would be delighted to help you explore this opportunity.
We invite you to email russell@empowered.careers to express your interest.